Beraking Coffee Table

Beraking Coffee Table



The Beraking table is inspired by the small ball bearing style stones that cover the gravel roads that are completely unique to the South West of Western Australia. I was interested in the way in which when driven on, it becomes very slippery due to the spherical stones rolling over the hard compact base. I became well experienced with this sensation in my past as a rally driver. Beraking is the name of a well known Rally stage in the Perth Hills.

The coffee table was designed to smoothly roll along the floor when pushed to mimic this ball bearing like movement. Using solid timber to create the weight needed to execute the concept as well as produce a warm and natural feel.

Materials & Finishes

Top: Stained black American Ash

Legs: Solid Rock Maple

*Please contact for alternate materials including various solid timber tops.


L: 950mm

W: 950mm

H: 320mm

* Please contact for alternate sizes.

Lead time

8 - 12 weeks

*Please contact for trade pricing.

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